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Your restless little
Heart is gasping
Thrashing and flapping In your ribcage
Snapping feathers
Between one organ
And another

Trapping feathers
Between the humming
And your bag of bones
And your last meal
And buried treasures
To confuse those
Greedy grave­robbers

Your futile little
Heart is climbing
Up your throat’s
Furry lining
Kicking up dust
And all that other
Stuff you’re made of

Your frenzied little
Heart is shaking
Rattling and jarring
All of your molars
And incisors

From their place in
Your dumbshit smile
Your little heart
Is migrating


from Last, released February 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love Buxton, UK

Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love are a long named band from Buxton in the UK. The 'Last' LP is out now. Audio Antihero Records profile.

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