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I’ve got nothing left to say without
Sending myself off to sleep
And it doesn’t really feel all
As bad as I thought it would

I’ve got nothing left to sing without
Choking out the same things
And it’s stuff that really wasn’t
Worth singing in the first place
Til I was blue in the face

I’ve got nothing left to play now
No chords to put my fingers
Without boring myself to death
And I’m like a broken record
A sick and mangy blackbird
A­flapping and gawking
Clownishly in circles

I’ve been picking the same pattern
And playing in the same time
For what feels like most my life
And I’m too old to change my tune
Howling at the roadkill moon

Over and over again
And it’s all been a prelude
To a long and silent encore
And though I don’t pay no mind
If there’s one thing I’d kinda hoped for
Is we’d done something that endured
One last crash of all the cymbals
Why couldn’t life be simple?


from Last, released February 16, 2015



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Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love Buxton, UK

Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love are a long named band from Buxton in the UK. The 'Last' LP is out now. Audio Antihero Records profile.

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