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Propuesta Cultural Music that transmits you sonorous impetus.
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Precipice A gorgeous album, I find myself listening to it over and over. The vocals are soothing and lovely, and the lyrics are just as great. Favorite track: Harvesting.
Jamie (Audio Antihero)
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Jamie (Audio Antihero) Really proud of this album. So deep and layered, so loud and quiet. Just so much in here to enjoy, some on the surface and some not so obvious. Beautiful guitar music that doesn't play the same trick twice.

Video for "Burrow": Favorite track: Harvesting.
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wonderdog Virtually impossible to take it all in at one listen: after hearing each track, one needs assimilation time. "Harvesting" is oh, just stunning! Favorite track: Harvesting.
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Video for "Burrow" -
Video for "Harvesting" -

The final album from Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love. Co-Released with Miami's Other Electricities. Very proud to be a part of it. It's full of gorgeous beguiling sounds that I can't wait for you to hear.


"There's an overwhelming sense of guilt in lavishing praise on Last because it's too little too late...a band that could have been our new Sparklehorse if we'd bothered to listen - 8/10." - The 405

"This is the band at their most unafraid. It’s a record that will resonate as profoundly personal, packed full of inner-declarations about missing out on your chances, messing up your relationships and coming to terms with who you are. Press play and head out on a long walk – this one deserves your undivided attention." - GoldFlakePaint

"Bold, underrated...truly represents Low Low’s best work—a jarring collection of acoustic folk songs addled and rattled by synthetic sounds and lo-fi recording hisses." - Paste Magazine

"This is a funeral album that feels like a real celebration. 'Last' is an absolute triumph - 9/10. - Crackle Feedback

"Couldn't sound any more sincere or true to its mission statement if it tried. It's eccentric, frustrating and above all – honest...LLL have withstood the trials that come with being an outsider act. They may not set the radio waves ablaze but they sure as hell will light up your heart." - The Digital Fix

"Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love can leave the scene with heads held high." - Spectral Nights

"Full of heart, 'Last' is a perfect balance of rough lo-fi textures and luscious blends of soft and loud. This powerful duo have something to be proud of with this final treasure of an album." - Independent Music News

"A lo fi nugget amongst the ruff its gloriously ragged melodies and fuzz laden landscapes which bring to mind the likes of Daniel Johnston, Sparklehorse and Grandaddy are a delight to behold." - God Is In The TV

"A swansong to end all swansongs" - The Album Wall

"A blissed out, fuzzed out, triumphant breakup album...'Last' is a trip to be sure, but it's a journey worth taking." - Adobe and Teardrops

"It sounds like a classic single from another era, like what I imagine watching Top of the Pops was like in the early ’70s, on a tiny tube TV, while trying to explain what was happening onscreen to Grandma." - Don't Need No Melody

"Rather than mourn the loss of a friend we never quite got to know as well as we should have, we should celebrate that we were able to meet them in the first place." - Dani Charlton (Amazing Radio - 'Record of the Week')

"A truly spectacular record." - Impropaganda

"Last presents significant, curious charms; it's the kind of record that surprises with noisy unpredictability, quiet intimacy and unflinching sincerity." - Clicky Clicky Music Blog


released February 16, 2015

Co-Released with Other Electricities (US) -

Mastered by Carl Saff -


all rights reserved



Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love Buxton, UK

Kelly. Ellis. Anne-Marie.

Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love are a long named band from Buxton in the UK. The 'Last' LP is out now. Audio Antihero Records profile.

Profile photo by Anne-Marie Arpin.

info @ audioantihero dot com
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Track Name: Goodbyes
A pale and sickly November sky
Criss­crossed all over
With migrating goodbyes
Track Name: Burrow
The weight of fears above the burrow
Of teeth and fur and blood
I clear my throat at a circle of sky
From the back of the hole I dug

Maybe I’ll bolt out into the snare
From the back of the hole I dug
And feel the cold metal wire tear
At the fur and skin and sinew Around my throat

I’ll lay and watch the long migrations
And envy the southward bound formations
All the world performs the same motions
As I choke and wretch and spit and curse
At my complications
Track Name: Guard
Some nights I guard
An old museum
Flashlights following
A discarded dress
In a heap
On the unmade bed
Fast asleep

I could shout all that I want
But you would still only hear fault
I could go and shoot off my mouth
But you would still only hear doubt
But these are things I suppose
Are the fading shadows
Of a ghost
Track Name: Harvesting
Picking over the bones
I am paying my debt
To the ground I eat off more or less

Enjoy this while you can: you know good things don’t last
And you know you wont keep up with the pack
I forgot how to be this hungry
But I’m grateful for the small mercies
I am free to believe in a world I perceive
To be real if it helps me to feel
Track Name: A World in Ruin
I left a world in ruin
Left pennies for teeth
Composed bird migrations
Out of my conceit

I left holes in the air
Snares round their necks and
Traps round their feet
Papered over the cracks
And took a step back
Like my work was complete
Words hanging on telegraph wires
And a long list of failures
It’s the mirror that changes
You’re frozen stiff this side
Like a sky that’s obscured with
Black butterflies
It’s the mirror that changes
You’re gathering dust inside
Your lungs are still bigger than your heart
When you say goodbye
Track Name: A Shadow of a Doubt
Hooray for you for at least trying
You stirred up a hornets nest of apathy

But wouldn’t it be a better world
Well I suppose I have my doubts

But wouldn’t it be a better world
Well I suppose I have my doubts

A shadow of a doubt Is blocking the light out
Your face is sinew, knuckle, bone and groove
Your heart is the hollow side of the moon
You can keep your petty dramas
I’ll sleep on
Track Name: Dispel
How many reasons do you need
How many circles round the sun
To dispel a dream

How many lessons until you heed
How much old ground do you go over
To dispel a dream

How many seasons will drag their feet
How much more dust has to settle
To dispel a dream

How many reruns have I seen
How many rewinds and repeats
Of the same old reel
Track Name: What You Wanted Most
Don’t hold her so close
You’ll squeeze out her ghost, well
Isn’t it what you wanted most

A forever of sighs
For your north countryside
Isn’t it what you wanted most

What will you choose to forget
What will you choose to regret most
Isn’t it what you wanted though

Even flowers in spring
Hang their necks and weep
For all the plans that you let
Slip out of your grip
But what do they know?
Track Name: Little Heart
Your restless little
Heart is gasping
Thrashing and flapping In your ribcage
Snapping feathers
Between one organ
And another

Trapping feathers
Between the humming
And your bag of bones
And your last meal
And buried treasures
To confuse those
Greedy grave­robbers

Your futile little
Heart is climbing
Up your throat’s
Furry lining
Kicking up dust
And all that other
Stuff you’re made of

Your frenzied little
Heart is shaking
Rattling and jarring
All of your molars
And incisors

From their place in
Your dumbshit smile
Your little heart
Is migrating
Track Name: The Field
They say that roots burrow between rocks
You can’t pull up a weed without breaking some
But you, my cut flower, my severed stem
Don’t even know the ground that you grew in

The flowering season is not long
We hang our necks and spring is here and gone
And we just follow the yellow sun
And with our narrow stems we lean some
And we just follow the yellow sun
And with our narrow stems we lean some

It’s just a field however it’s named
It’s like the same thing as a grave
It’s only earth all the same
One day you’ll feel better
You will feel better
You will feel better in your vase
Track Name: Bedroom Window
The air is on pause from
A fading shadow
Of a dissolving trace
Your bedroom window
Knows what I mean

The way you hang in the air like
A winter sunbeam
On a fog of breath I breathed this morning
On my way outside

At least arrange it in lines
By colour and shape
By texture and shade
Butterflies, swallows and pigeons
And planets and planes
And stars

Debris and drunk satellites
And exploding light
Smashing in the
Debris and drunk satellites
And exploding light
Smashing in the sun
I’m rolling in mud
And I’m at a loss
I’m gathering moss
Track Name: Last
I’ve got nothing left to say without
Sending myself off to sleep
And it doesn’t really feel all
As bad as I thought it would

I’ve got nothing left to sing without
Choking out the same things
And it’s stuff that really wasn’t
Worth singing in the first place
Til I was blue in the face

I’ve got nothing left to play now
No chords to put my fingers
Without boring myself to death
And I’m like a broken record
A sick and mangy blackbird
A­flapping and gawking
Clownishly in circles

I’ve been picking the same pattern
And playing in the same time
For what feels like most my life
And I’m too old to change my tune
Howling at the roadkill moon

Over and over again
And it’s all been a prelude
To a long and silent encore
And though I don’t pay no mind
If there’s one thing I’d kinda hoped for
Is we’d done something that endured
One last crash of all the cymbals
Why couldn’t life be simple?

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